Westjet’s Christmas Miracle: Makes Passengers Wishes Come True

Westjet Christmas MiracleWestJet Airlines, based in Calgary, wanted to do something that’s never been done before. Inspired by the notion of real-time giving, they set out to surprise 150 passengers flying between Toronto and Hamilton Airports. The result was a surprise these passengers will never forget!

PS Westjet’s “Care for Kids” program continues their tradition of donating flights to Ronald McDonald House Charities, one of six partner charities.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. Sandra Hicks says:

    That was absolutely wonderful what you did. There are some angles out there.

  2. John Trippe says:

    Beautifully done

  3. Edna Capps says:

    that was a wonderful thing to do for those families – how were those particular people selected? There truly are angels among us. Wonderful job

    • admin says:

      Beautiful indeed! Edna, I believe the travelers were chosen at random. They all happened to be on the flight they decided to surprise! ~Sonny.

  4. Mary Ann Dougherty says:

    I laughed…I cried…I loved it. You folks rock!!

  5. Patricia Heaton says:

    What a beautiful jester and the true meaning of Christmas. They, WestJet deserves a gold star on the top of their tree.

  6. Loretta Williams says:

    What a wonderful thing to do. I cried all the way through. God bless you…

  7. Dottie Manning says:

    Things like this make me believe! How wonderful for these companies to do such a generous thing.