Viral Videos: This Is Why We Fly

This Is Why We Fly: Breathtaking!Have you ever wondered what it would be like sitting in the pilot’s seat while the plane was descending?

Take a break and enjoy this breathtaking view near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Here is a beautiful and unique perspective as the plane descends through a cloud shrouded mountainous valley.

This video shows why we fly!

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  1. LionelE says:

    A BIG THANK YOU for this posting. It’s been years since I was able to afford to fly..BUT this brought back Special Memories…Thank you.Lionel.

  2. Eileen says:

    My husband has his pilot’s, not instrument rated, license and I keep trying to get him to do what he needs to do so he can be current. I’ve been asking him for years so I guess it will never happen. He likes to fly and I LOVE to fly. Took a lesson at a small airport in a very tiny plane ( it seemed to me to be the size of something in Toy Story) but I really enjoyed myself. I just think I’m too old now. As I’m writing this, I may go back and do it again.

  3. Linda says:

    This was beautiful! Thank You