Viral Videos: The Greatest Dancer In The World

Viral Videos :: Charlie Chaplin - The Greatest Dancer In The World :: SonnyRadio.comWhile Charlie Chaplin is long remembered for his comedic genius, he was also one of the most artistically athletic souls ever to grace the silver screen.

This collection of clips captures Chaplin’s magic of movement with every comical step perfectly executed. It’s easy to see why so many consider him to be, “The Greatest Dancer In The World.”

As a bonus, we’ve included one of the golden moments in Academy Awards history, as Chaplin receives an Honorary Oscar®.

The music is titled, “Les Triplettes de Belleville” by Canadian composer, Benoît Charest.


Charlie Chaplin receiving an Honorary Oscar® – 44th Annual Academy Awards®.

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  1. Roy Peaslee says:

    Great film of Chaplin dancing, he certainly was one of a kind and I doubt that another like him will come along for another century or so.
    He was also a very good dramatic actor.