Hugging Dad For The First Time

Hugging Dad For The First Time19 year old Torri is given a life-changeing gift by four college students who set out on a world tour to complete a list of “100 Things To Do Before You Die”, and encourage others to complete their own lists.

What do you want to do before you die?

The Buried Life started in a garage in Victoria, B.C. Canada because the four of us were fed up and wanted something different.

We borrowed an RV, bought a camera on eBay, threw a party to raise money for gas and hit the road for two weeks one summer before returning to university.

We never expected The Buried Life to be more than a two week road trip. Six years later we continue our mission for the millions of people around the world who have rallied together to do cool things and help others.”

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  1. Sharlene says:

    Very heart warming, just so wonderful to know about great and giving people. sn