Viral Videos: Amazing Ross Sisters – Solid Potato Salad – Original

Ross Sisters :: Solid Potato Salad :: SonnyRadio.comThe Ross Sisters were a trio of singers and dancers comprising the sisters Betsy Ann Ross, Veda Victoria (Vicky) Ross, and Dixie Jewel Ross, who used the stage names Aggie Ross, Maggie Ross, and Elmira Ross respectively. They performed as a three-part harmony trio, who also danced and became particularly noted for their acrobatics and contortions.

This clip is from from the 1944 film, Broadway Rhythm, featuring the Ross Sisters’ rendition of “Solid Potato Salad,” a nonsensical song and an amazing performance.

The beginning is like any Broadway show of the time, but then the fun begins, as the Ross Sisters perform what seems humanly impossible.

There are no words to describe what the Ross Sisters are able to do. You must watch it for yourself!

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  1. Gail Nurnberg says:

    This is amazing. I wonder if that could have caused my neuro-stimulator wire to shift? LOL

  2. They were truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!