The Dog And The Magpie: Mesmerizing!

The Dog and The Magpie :: :: Family Friendly VideosEvery once in a great while, a video comes along that mesmerizes. This is one of those videos.

While we’ve seen just about every unlikely animal pairing, playing and having fun together, this is especially awe-inspiring.

Watch as a small dog “roughhouses” with a Magpie. What is fascinating, besides the unusual couple, is that even when the dog seems uninterested, the bird continues to entertain itself in the funniest ways. Not to mention the woman who comes out to hang clothes on the line, paying no attention, as if it happens all the time. (Which is obviously does.)

Moreover, nobody told these two little creatures that they were supposed to be enemies.

Another lesson from nature.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Wouldn’t you like to know what they were saying to each other? They sure had a ggod time. sn

  2. Linda says:

    Don’t you just wish everyone could get along like this? Wouldn’t it be wonderful?
    Thank you for sharing