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Viral Videos: Two Guys Singing Their Order At A Mexican Food Drive-Thru Are Hilarious

Rhett and Link sing their order into the drive-thru speaker of a Mexican food drive-thru. The worker’s reaction is totally authentic and watch the screen show each item. Classic!

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Viral Videos: What This Boy Did For A Soldier Will Have You In Tears

An 8 year old boy finds a $20 dollar bill in a Cracker Barrel parking lot. What he did with the money after entering the ¬†restaurant with his family will have you in tears. Watch how his actions gave a soldier something he will never forget. “No kind action ever stops with itself.” ¬†~Amelia Earhart […]

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Viral Videos: How Real Men Surprise Their Valentine Dates

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A company in the Philippines, set out to find real men who would be willing to sing a love song to their sweetheart in a crowded restaurant. At first, the men they approached, were hesitant, but each agreed to do it for the woman he loved. After learning the words to The Backstreet Boys’, “Tell […]

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