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The Mesmerizing Gazillion Bubble Show

Ana Yang has entertained audiences around the world from Japan to New York, thrilling crowds and stretching laws of physics with her fascinating and delicate performances. Touted as “The World’s Greatest Female Bubble Artist” and a Guinness World Record holder, Ana mixes art with science to create bubbles of every imaginable size, shape and hue. […]

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Viral Videos: How To See Without Your Glasses

Ever misplace your glasses and need to read something, but can’t seem to make out what is says? This video, produced by Minute Physics, gives you a simple trick you can try right now to improve your vision. Enjoy and feel empowered! Then watch: How To Unlock Your Car With Your Brain.

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How To Unlock Your Car With Your Brain

English professor Roger Bowley heard about a simple trick that allows you to use your brain to unlock your car from a farther distance than usual using your brain. Watch as he explains why and demonstrates that it indeed does work! Try it!! Next: Have some fun with the Leap Frog IQ Puzzle Game. It’s a […]

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