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Viral Videos: Happy

Pharell Williams found himself with an “accidental mega-hit” called Happy. You’ll find it tucked away in the soundtrack to the movie, “Despicable Me” and was almost not included in the pic. Then, as is often the case in the music business, a radio station in the UK decided to play it, much to the delight […]

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Viral Videos: How Real Men Surprise Their Valentine Dates

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A company in the Philippines, set out to find real men who would be willing to sing a love song to their sweetheart in a crowded restaurant. At first, the men they approached, were hesitant, but each agreed to do it for the woman he loved. After learning the words to The Backstreet Boys’, “Tell […]

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Viral Videos: The Greatest Dancer In The World

While Charlie Chaplin is long remembered for his comedic genius, he was also one of the most artistically athletic souls ever to grace the silver screen. This collection of clips captures Chaplin’s magic of movement with every comical step perfectly executed. It’s easy to see why so many consider him to be, “The Greatest Dancer […]

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A Rarest Christmas Radio Show

SonnyRadio.com presents “A Rarest Christmas” Radio Special Here’s an invitation to enjoy the sounds of the season in a most unusual way. I think you’ll like these special songs by artists you may not know recorded them. Direct from our studios in San Antonio, Texas, USA, ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present, “A […]

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Swan Lake: The Great Chinese State Circus

This performance of Swan Lake by the Great Chinese State Circus is the perfect marriage of world class acrobatics and precision ballet. Be sure to view to the very end and catch the impressive finale! Watch and be amazed! Fascinating!  ~Sonny Melendrez Enjoy this feature? Share it instantly with your friends by tapping a button […]

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Little Drummer Boy by Season 3 winners of The Sing-Off: Pantatonix

Acapella group Pentatonix, winners of season 3 of The Sing Off” on NBC, perform their newest release – a rendition of the Christmas classic, “The Little Drummer Boy.” Watch, listen, and me inspired.

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