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Never Say I Can’t – The Amazing Jennifer Bricker

After watching this amazing story, you may never say, “I can’t” again. Watch the incredible tale of a young girl who refused to let her challenged life keep her from following her dream. You’ll be in inspired and astonished with the remarkable twist to her heroic journey. *Note: Be sure to watch till the end. […]

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Cardio Dance: This guy’s workout routine will make your day!

Who says working out on the treadmill has to be boring. Marcus Dorsey from Jacksonville Florida has gone viral with his cardio dance routine on the treadmill. Watch and maybe you’ll be inspired to try out some new moves, next time your do your cardio routine! Running Time: 90 seconds.

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Viral Videos: Viral Laughter

Attitudes are contagious. Watch what happens when a hidden camera captures unsuspecting commuters waiting for their tram. Next: Ever wondered what your voice sounds like to others? Find out with this simple trick.

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Viral Videos: What Does YOUR VOICE Sound Like To Others?

Ever been surprised when you listen to a recording of your voice and said to yourself, “Is that what I sound like?” Here is a simple trick that will allow you to hear what your voice sounds like to others. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” ~Epictetus Enjoy […]

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Viral Videos: Do! Don’t Say

“Do, don’t say” best describes Skyliners – an amazing video documenting French highliners who take to the skies of Paris practicing their extreme craft. Watch these guys cross a slender rope, tethered between buildings hundreds of feet up in the air, in a series of breathtaking clips that underscore the payoff of taking risks, dreaming […]

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Woman Goes To Gym For 100 Days: Weight Loss Motivation

This is Lakeisha Shurn. She recorded a video diary, showing her progress as she set out to lose weight and boost her self-esteem. Watch her amazing time-lapse video, as she tells why she took on this challenge and how she felt along the way. She is an inspiration to all who struggle with weight-loss and […]

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