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Dementia Test: Can You Read The Words On This Page?

Here’s another trick from Doctor Dementia to test your skills… Can you meet this challenge? We’ve seen this with the letters out of order, but this is the first time we’ve seen it with numbers. Power of the brain: If you can read this out loud, YOUR MIND ROCKS! 7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W […]

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Viral Videos: The Next Generation of Social Media Is Coming

Watch this thought-provoking presentation by Memorize founder Antoine Cartier-Wells, who reminds us that every day, everything we see, hear, touch and feel is stored in real time on the greatest computer and camera in the world: our minds. These memories are the last private and intimate pieces of ourselves that haven’t been uploaded to social media […]

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Infographic: The Science of Happiness

If you’re a human being then your main goal in life is probably to end up happy. Unless you’re emo. Then you’re not a human being at all. If you ask anybody on the street what they want most in life, they’ll most likely say that they want to die happy. It’s just in our […]

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