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A Message For Paris

Magician Shin Lim created his tribute to the people of Paris:  “A Message For Paris” It is his way of letting those affected by the tragic events, occurring in Paris, France on Nov. 13, 2015 how he was inspired to use his give to say, “Pray For Paris.” May this amazing performance inspire you to […]

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Mind Reading Test

Is there really such phenomenon as mind-reading? Have a little fun and let illusionist Eric Leclerc give you a one-minute “mind reading test” with a simple deck of playing cards. Chances are, you’ll be as surprised as I was with the remarkable ending. See if you can figure out how he did it! Running Time: […]

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Viral Videos: Magic For Dogs

Do dogs react to magic? These dogs, sure do! Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses. Their reactions are priceless. By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick and told what a good dog they were! Enjoy this video? Instantly share it with friends […]

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Viral Videos: Man Gives Homeless Man A Winning Lottery Ticket

Rahat Hossain is known as the “magician pranster”. Watch as he gives a homeless man, that he passes by every day, a “winning lottery ticket”. He even takes the homeless man to the store to claim his money. Most touching is what homeless man does after receiving the cash. “Generosity is giving more than you […]

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Viral Videos: 59 Second Persuasion Mind Trick

Ever heard of the “foot-in-the-door” persuasion trick? Watch, as Richard Wiseman, a psychologist and professor of the University of Hertfordshire explains this fascinating mind trick you can use to improve your power of persuasion. Before he became an educator, Wiseman was a magician who learned and used many of these confidence tricks. He is the […]

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