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Infographic: The Science of Happiness

If you’re a human being then your main goal in life is probably to end up happy. Unless you’re emo. Then you’re not a human being at all. If you ask anybody on the street what they want most in life, they’ll most likely say that they want to die happy. It’s just in our […]

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Viral Videos: Happy

Pharell Williams found himself with an “accidental mega-hit” called Happy. You’ll find it tucked away in the soundtrack to the movie, “Despicable Me” and was almost not included in the pic. Then, as is often the case in the music business, a radio station in the UK decided to play it, much to the delight […]

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Wow! It’s Mom, But I’m Sleepy

After waking up from her sleep, 6-month old Yerin would never cry but upon seeing mommy and daddy, she’d always smile. Mom wanted to capture those moments. Watch as little Yerin tries her best to stay awake long enough to give her mom a happy smile. “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should […]

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