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Mom Plays A Board Game With A Big Surprise

Gigi and her husband are playing a board game, (Battle of the Sexes), with their daughter. What her mom doesn’t know is that the card she is reading is actually a message that contains a BIG annoucement. Watch what happens when she realizes what’s really up!! Enjoy the video!   ~Sonny Melendrez

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Viral Videos: No Matter The Game, Fair Play Is The Way Forward

This is real sportsmanship! Aaron Hunt admits that he in fact shouldn’t be awarded a penalty in Bremen’s six-pointer with Nuremberg. Hiroshi Kiyotake also proves to be a firm believer in fair play. Two great role models show that fair play is important, even in the relegation battle. Both players deserve a big ‘thumbs up’! […]

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You’ve Been Eating Chicken Wings Wrong You’re Entire Life

Whether you enjoy your chicken wings while watching the Super Bowl (or any other game) at home, restaurant, or sports bar, it’s possible you’ve been doing it wrong your entire life! Watch this ingenious and easy way to de-bone your wings before you eat them. Enjoy the game…and your wings!

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Circle The Cat Game :: It Can Be Done!

Start by clicking the cat, then on the green dots to try and trap it with dark green dots. It can be done, so don’t give up! Do you know the puzzle secret to easily circle the cat before it gets out?                           […]

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Clueless Crossword

This is a great workout for your brain. The puzzles go from beginner to expert. Here’s a hint: Every word is well known. Try different combinations – you can always go back. Get to the last puzzle and you are considered an expert! Have fun! Share this with a friend…

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Inside the Control Room at the NFL

To watch a football broadcast is to see much more than a football game. There are only about 11 minutes of actual action during a three-hour game, which means 95 percent of the time there’s something else going on. The graphics, replays, highlights, and analysis that make a football game into the at-home experience millions of […]

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