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Viral Videos: Viral Laughter

Attitudes are contagious. Watch what happens when a hidden camera captures unsuspecting commuters waiting for their tram. Next: Ever wondered what your voice sounds like to others? Find out with this simple trick.

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Viral Videos: More Bad NFL Bad Lip Reading

The sequel to last year’s hilarious sports video featuring over-dubs of what players, coaches, and even refs, look like they’re saying is here. Prepare to LOL. Jim Harbaugh, Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers and others are featured in this “fun-official” National Football League game footage! Game on, laugh on!

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This Poster Was Found On A College Campus In California

This poster was found recently on a college campus in California It reads: Cathy, 20 Santa Barbara: “I’d like to like, have, like, better grades. But when, I, like, talk in the, like, like, classroom, I, like, say a lot of, like, things that my, like, teacher and my, like, classmates, don’t find, like, convincing. […]

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