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Viral Videos: The Most Beautiful Coffee Ad Ever!

This 2 minute spot is from a series titled, “Couleur Café” (Color Coffee), produced by the award-winning BBDO agency for a French brand of coffee, Carte Noire.  The ad features unbelievably beautiful food shots in a perfect blend of color, texture, and music. Watch as something as simple as an egg cracking becomes a work […]

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Viral Videos: French Bulldog Plays “I’m Gonna Get You” With His Pups

No matter the species, it seems that kids will be kids and, in this case, dads will be dads. What dad hasn’t played the game, I call, “I’m gonna get you!” with their children. Watch “Sonny the French Bulldog” as he plays that game with his 6-week-old puppies. You can tell that he’s a gentle dad […]

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