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The Backwards Brain Bike

Destin Sandlin is an engineer who getting everyone’s attention these days with his invention of a bicycle that seems “almost impossible to ride”. The amazing creation came about when welders with whom Sandlin had been working decided to make a bicycle’s headset steer backwards! When you ride the ¬†brain bike, turning the handlebars right makes […]

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Viral Videos: Almost Identical Experiment

The Argentine version of Trident Gum, (Beldent) set out to prove that chewing gum doesn’t give others a bad impression. This may be contrary to what your parents and manners-experts have told you. Visitors at an art in Buenos Aires were to sit in front of twins and answer a few questions. One of the […]

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How Attached Are Cats Vs. Dogs To Their Owners?

Professor Daniel Mills, of the University of Lincoln, conducts a psychological experiment to prove that cats have a different relationship with humans than dogs. His findings may surprise you, or not! See why cats view their owner as a “provider of resources”. “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” Share this with your friends..

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