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Baby Sings Elvis In Car Seat

Here is an update the video that went viral instantly with millions of views when 20-month-old Ella Mae was recorded by her dad singing Elvis’ American Trilogy in her car seat. Ella’s parents took the toddler to see Lisa Marie Presley in concert. Lisa was truly touched by the video and they became instant friends. […]

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How To Unlock Your Car With Your Brain

English professor Roger Bowley heard about a simple trick that allows you to use your brain to unlock your car from a farther distance than usual using your brain. Watch as he explains why and demonstrates that it indeed does work! Try it!! Next: Have some fun with the Leap Frog IQ Puzzle Game. It’s a […]

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Viral Videos: The First Sail Plane

Presenting the world’s first Sail Plane: a new generation of hang gliders that looks like a plane, but is so light, the pilot can actually land on his feet. Archaeopteryx is a versatile high-end hang glider in glider configuration with exceptional climbing ability. It has been designed to be launched at the foot mountain slopes, […]

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Viral Videos: My Dad’s Car – Two Brothers Give Dad The Surprise Of A Lifetime

There are many things you can do with an old car. While some might keep the car they no longer drive for it’s collector’s value, and others might donate the car to charity, here are two brothers who did everything they could to find an old Chevy that their father had sold when they were […]

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