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Viral Videos: The Greatest Dancer In The World

While Charlie Chaplin is long remembered for his comedic genius, he was also one of the most artistically athletic souls ever to grace the silver screen. This collection of clips captures Chaplin’s magic of movement with every comical step perfectly executed. It’s easy to see why so many consider him to be, “The Greatest Dancer […]

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How To Turn A Paperclip Into A New House

Sitting at his computer in Montreal, Canada, Kyle McDonald wondered if he could turn a single red paperclip into his dream of owning a home, without a mortgage. Inspired the a childhood game, called “Bigger and Better,” he began to trade using Craigslist. Here is his fascinating, one-year journey with offers he never expected from […]

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Daisy – The Little Dog Who Believed

Here is the triumphant story of a little dog named Daisy who overcame all obstacles. It is a story about strength, friendship and love – but most of all it is a story about believing in ourselves. “You are Braver than you Believe, Smarter than you Seem, and Stronger than you Think.” ~Winnie the Pooh […]

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