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Viral Videos: The Story Behind The Most Viewed Photograph In The World

Is the iconic “Bliss” desktop wallpaper an actual photograph or is it Photoshopped? Here is the real story behind the picture seen by over a billion people around the world. Microsoft finally discloses how the photograph came to be. The story is in commemoration of Windows XP support. Fascinating!  ~Sonny Melendrez Enjoy this feature? Share […]

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Waitress Receives Life Changing Tip

Chelsea Roth is a waitress at the Spring Street Smokehouse, a restaurant in Los Angeles. Her personal story of helping others and dealing with overwhelming challenges is quite inspiring. Watch as she experiences her “best shift ever,” and is surprised with life changing rewards. Good things do happen to good people. Enjoy this video? Please share it […]

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Viral Videos: Marathon Runners Stop To Honor World War II Vet

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A World War 2 vet stands outside his home applauding runners passing by. Suddenly everything changes as runners began to thank the 95 year old man in uniform Julia Prodis Sulek is a a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and Bay Area News in San Jose, California. Here is her story. “Everyone on the block […]

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This Poster Was Found On A College Campus In California

This poster was found recently on a college campus in California It reads: Cathy, 20 Santa Barbara: “I’d like to like, have, like, better grades. But when, I, like, talk in the, like, like, classroom, I, like, say a lot of, like, things that my, like, teacher and my, like, classmates, don’t find, like, convincing. […]

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