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Viral Videos: Bad British NFL Commentary

We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of British play-by-play announcers call their sports. But, what if these Brit sportscasters had to call an American NFL game? A really important game. Would they really know what was going on or who’s really playing? Here’s a  viral video “send-up” that’s just plain funny.

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What A Wonderful World: Stunning!

This short ad was produced by the BBC (British Broadcasting Company) and is about as good a commercial as you would ever see. Most of the advertising on television these days hardly compares. Take a moment and give yourself an inspiring look at the world we live in. The voice of Sir David Attenborough is […]

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Surprise For Man Who Saved 600 Children From Nazis

Some have called him the “British Schindler,” after saving over 600, mostly Jewish, children from the Nazi death camps, on the eve of World War II. A humble man, Sir Nicholas Winton, kept this secret to himself, until his wife found scrapbooks in their attic about his heroic acts of kindness. This is a clip […]

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