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Man Shaves Beard For Grandmother’s 100th Birthday

Scott Cleveland knows how to please his grandmother. For years, she has been after her to shave his beard. He finally said he would, on her 100th birthday! That was two years ago. Watch Gramma’s priceless reaction of gratitude toward the end! What a small price to pay for such a big memory. Running Time: […]

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Viral Videos: My Sister’s Birthday Surprise Video

An awesome brother, Nicholas Foubert, decides surprise his sister by making a special video. He lives in Guatemala and she lives in Paris, where they are from. Watch what happens as she and her family view the video on her laptop. Be sure to watch till the end! “Our brothers and sisters are there with […]

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88 Year Old Man’s Heart-Wrenching Letter To His Wife Of 67 Years

An 88 year old husband sits down to sign a card for his wife on her birthday after 67 years of marriage. What he wrote is an inspiration to couples around the world.

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Viral Videos: Young Man Performs 22 Random Acts of Kindness On 22nd Birthday

Kindness knows no boundaries. It’s warm effects can be the same the world over. Watch what this 22 year old decided to “do for himself” on his birthday by giving to others. While his efforts may come from gratitude, they also represent a living tribute to his parents.   “Kindness is the language which the […]

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