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Butterfly Dream Dance Performance

This performance of “Butterfly Dream” is from the CCTV Spring Festival in celebration of the Chinese New Year. It is a  truly amazing display of strength and grace. You may also enjoy the Great Chinese State Circus performance of Swan Lake.

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Viral Videos: The Greatest Dancer In The World

While Charlie Chaplin is long remembered for his comedic genius, he was also one of the most artistically athletic souls ever to grace the silver screen. This collection of clips captures Chaplin’s magic of movement with every comical step perfectly executed. It’s easy to see why so many consider him to be, “The Greatest Dancer […]

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Swan Lake: The Great Chinese State Circus

This performance of Swan Lake by the Great Chinese State Circus is the perfect marriage of world class acrobatics and precision ballet. Be sure to view to the very end and catch the impressive finale! Watch and be amazed! Fascinating!  ~Sonny Melendrez Enjoy this feature? Share it instantly with your friends by tapping a button […]

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