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Viral Videos: Man Catches Baby Falling From Building

Watch as a man catches a one-year-old baby who fell from a second story window in Southern China. It is believed that the baby climbed out the window and onto the ledge while looking for his mother. A truly amazing happy ending!

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Amazing Intelligence Test: You may be a genius!

This has got to be one of the most interesting intelligence tests we’ve ever seen. It’s very short, so try it. You may be amazed. Don’t cheat! Because if you do, the test would be no fun. There are no tricks to the test. Read this sentence:  FINISHED FILES ARE NOT THE RESULT OF YEARS OF […]

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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Timelapse

Albuquerque’s 42nd annual International Balloon Fiesta timelapse. Roadtrippers, a web app that helps travelers plan road trips, records a timelapse of the International Balloon Fiesta. The nine day event in Albuquerque sees over 700 hot air balloons take liftoff and is the largest festival of its kind.

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