MiniCast Series proudly presents the world’s shortest radio specials. While these audio tidbits range from broadcast “firsts” (James Brown on The Ed Sullivan Show) to delightful juxtapositions (Humphrey Bogart and Tony Bennett), each was produced with you in mind.

Listen and have fun!


The Hit Parade Hall of Fame (the brainchild of legendary radio programmer, John Rook) invites you to vote for your favorites artists of all-time. This special features one of my personal favorites, Gary Lewis.


James Brown’s first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Did Ed call him, Jim Brown?


At the end of one of his live broadcasts, just as the crooner who rose to fame on the program, Julius (Julie) LaRosa finishes a song, Arthur Godfrey lets the audience know that he (LaRosa) will be leaving the show. In essence, he fired him on live national radio. The stunned studio audience isn’t given time to react, much less, the heartbroken singer.


The original Alka-Seltzer commercial starring “Speedy” & the inspired 60’s hit instrumental, “No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach Is In)”.


Oprah has a rare conversation with David Letterman as he gets serious about a subject that is dear to both of them.


Duck and Cover is a 50’s musical public service announcement that sings about a turtle named Burt. The lyrics that follow show the irony of a lighthearted approach to war time bombing instructions.


Barry Manilow gives a surprising answer to ET’s Jan Caryl’s question, “If American Idol had been around when you were starting out, would you have done it?”


Ed Sullivan welcomes a talent who became one of his favorite comedians: Flip Wilson. Decades later his comedy  is still funny.


From the Golden Days of Radio comes the opening of the Bob Hope Show and his classic rendition of his signature theme. (Note the announcer’s mention of “a sensational new comedy team”.) Thanks for the memories, Mr. Hope!


While we now know the Humphrey Bogart never said, “Play it again, Sam,” here’s what he did say, along with the best rendition of “As Time Goes By” featuring the timeless voice of Tony Bennett.


On the 40th anniversary of the Monkees, Davy Jones was asked about a possible reunion. He uses the question as an opportunity to pay tribute to Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Mike Nesmith.


The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show with a special musical intro for Ed from the cast of the hit Broadway musical, “Bye Bye Birdie.” Crank up the mania!


In this clip from a PBS Special, Paul McCartney surprises his intimate sound studio audience with one instrument after another, including the bass guitar used in Elvis’ recording of Heartbreak Hotel, which he then performs. This is a moment.


Batman’s favorite nemisis, the Joker, played by Jack Nicholson, provides the lead in to the Vienna Waltz in classic and four-four time. Let’s broaden our minds!


Lucille Ball accepts the Emmy for the leading role in a comedy series in 1968. She thanks everyone in the “vast wasteland” for loving Lucy.

Jeanann Wilkinson is an extraordinarily talented fine art photographer, based in San Antonio. Listen as she shares with Sonny, her secrets of success and learn what is so unusual about her approach to each opportunity. She also talks about the early days of her career and a small wedding that she will never forget. Listen and may you be inspired!