I Will Follow Him: André Rieu Under The Stars

SonnyRadio.com I Will Follow Him

André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra and singers breathe new life into the song made popular by Little Peggy March. This performance is from a two hour concert of melodies under the star-studded summer skies. Once again André Rieu transformed the Vrijthof square in his hometown Maastricht into a grand, romantic open-air concert hall with room for about ten thousand people for his traditional summer evening concerts.

Turn up your volume!

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  • crazycheeroke

    Love it,

  • LionelE

    Groovy and Uplifting….fabulous choir.

  • Jim Dukes

    I believe that this was done similarly in the Whoopi Goldberg movie where she played a woman hiding out at a nunnery where she posed as a musical director.

  • Lou

    yes, The movie was “Sister Act”

  • http://yahoo Bill

    the solos gave me chills. What a show!fantastic

  • Jere Dillon

    sooooo beautiful, I have to listen at least once a day, would love to know who the three soloist are

    • D. Lee

      the three lady soloist, who are they?

      • admin

        The sopranos are Suzan Erens, Carla Maffioletti and Celine Saleh. Thanks for asking!


  • joan

    Thank you for their names. I’ve been trying to learn them for months. Would like to find that particular recording to add to my tunes but haven’t been able to.