How To Look Forward To Your Past

The Reflection :: :: Tom HusseyPhotographer Tom Hussey created a series of pictures that will speak to you, no matter your age, race, beliefs or occupation. He titled the series, The Reflection.

These remarkable photos illustrate just how much we change in our lives and how it seems to happen all at once, no matter how many years actually go by.

The Reflection gives insight into the former lives of these senior citizens.

Tom spoke to a veteran right before his 80th birthday. His quotes inspired him to create the series. “He commented that he didn’t understand how he could be 80 years old as he felt he was still a young man. He just didn’t feel it was possible he could be 80 years old,” Hussey said to the American Society of Media Photographers.

His “Norman Rockwell-esque” style enhances this look from both sides of the mirror: present and past.

We are not defined, but rather, refined by our age. ~Sonny Melendrez

The Reflection-12 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-2 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-11 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-10 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-3 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-8 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-1 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-4 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-5 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection-6 :: :: Tom Hussey

The Reflection 7 :: :: Tom Hussey

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