How Attached Are Cats Vs. Dogs To Their Owners?

How Attached Are Cats To Their Owners :: SeenAndShared.comProfessor Daniel Mills, of the University of Lincoln, conducts a psychological experiment to prove that cats have a different relationship with humans than dogs.

His findings may surprise you, or not!

See why cats view their owner as a “provider of resources”.

“Here, Kitty, Kitty!”

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  1. Roz Klaiman says:

    This is the most anthropomorphic study I have ever seen. Chldren are members of the humamn race which is tribal. It’s attachements are the basis of socializtaion and necessary for survival if anthropology and social psyhcology theories are to be believed. Cats are neither of these. Large female cats from prides to care for the young or are loners (leopards) thta care for the young until old enough to hunt for themselves. Large male cats protect one pride in sme species are have no attachement in others, they are neither tribal nor pack animals. However, odmesticated cats who are well cared for do know their owners and will generally come to them if they are left for any length of time, esepcially if they are not distracted. The research design needs revisions and checkes and balances.

  2. Vernon Raaflaub says:

    I had a cat for about a dozen years, and the experiment reflects my own experience. I believe the cat liked my companionship, but viewed me more as a companion than an owner.

  3. LaVonne Otwell says:

    Some cats are aloof, but others are just as clingy as babies! As an 81 yo female who has had numerous cats my entire life. Cats have a variety of personalities, unlike dogs. I have had many cats who were firmly attached to me and ran from strangers. One recent one was at my side 24/7 unless she was asleep and then she preferred my lap. Your theory is just that, a theory, and does not show the variety of emotions present in cats.

    • Carrol Jude says:

      I’m sure we share the love of cats! Some cats are as loyal as the dog or maybe more so. If people understood cats, there would not be animal abuse or people abuse in the world.

  4. Carrol Jude says:

    I’m owned by eight cats at this time. When I come home from work,the cats that are outside come to greet me at the car. Some will climb on the car and look through the windshield if I don’t get out right away. When I go inside the house, the inside cats look up or come to greet me. There is hardly any hissing amoungst them. I would never have just one cat. At least two cats or more is better. Litter mates area the best. They care for each other. Every cat has it’s own personality. I was a dog lover for fourty years until a cat found me and I found my heart.Do my cats “love” me? I don’t know, but I do love them.

  5. Eileen says:

    When my older cat was dying, I was all he wanted. He normally didn’t sleep with me but a few months before we had to put him down, he started sleeping with me and only I could comfort him. He was never a touchy-feely cat, just a goof. When he could no longer jump onto the bed, I picked him up and placed him next to my head so I could just watch him knowing my time with him was short. He just sat there and purred while both of us knew we wouldn’t be together much longer. On the day we knew he needed to be out of his pain, I was very sick and my husband had to take our cat to the vet.
    I asked that my husband hold him in his arms when he said the final goodbye so our “goof” wouldn’t be put on a cold table. My husband said our cat knew it was time and that we loved him. I miss him so much.

    • admin says:

      What a beautiful note, Eileen. These precious animals can teach us so much about caring for each other. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. ~Sonny.