Dog Saves Dog | Original Hero Dog

This video has been viewed by millions around the world with the same gut-wrenching, yet heartwarming reaction. It shows two dogs caught by surveillance cameras on a busy highway in Santiago, Chile. One dog tries desperately to drag his friend to safety.

At the time of my narration, it was reported that the injured dog had lived. Unfortunately, we now know otherwise.

We now, also know that both dogs had escaped from the city kennel and had apparently bonded while they were there.

What is most important to note is the fact that it took a little stray dog with a big heart to touch the world and in doing so, perhaps put us in touch with ourselves. Judging from the countless comments of concern, it is obvious that, for the most part, we are one in our respect for life.  ~Sonny Melendrez

Dog Saves Dog | Original Hero Dog | from VideoCentral on Vimeo.

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